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Hey dudes, Selling an Ibanez S classic before I leave for tour. Its in perfect condition no dings or anything, just got intonated about 3 weeks ago.
I have 3 guitars, ESP h1000 is my main, this Ibanez is my backup, and my Epi Les Paul was my first Electric, so i cant bare sell it, so this pretty little fucker gets the toss by defualt, great guitars.P.s. My guitar player is selling his crate Blue Voodoo head. THe one crate head that seems to be an anomoly, it actually sounds pretty awesome. Especially considering how much they cost. The cab is up for grabs to.
Ibanez: 400$ OBO
Amp Head - 350$ OBO
Cab - 300$ OBO
Heres pics of the guitar, if you want pics of the other shit let me know, the crate is in almost perfect condition other than that the orange lights have been switched with Blue. yah, cool i know! lol
Heres the guitar.

Theres a few more here.
PM or drop a line here if intersted. THanks dudes
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