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Originally Posted by Schwenger View Post
Flo didn't wear a wig. His drum solo was alright at first but the end of it was insane. Made me wish it was Cryptopsy playing though...

The sound was great but it was goofy as fuck seeing Nader behind them, the outfits and the awful female singer. Way too short and took forever to set up. Paulo's post is spot on.

The positive thing was I met up with a few people from this board (Paulo, Rob etc...) and a bunch of lurkers (Pablo, Lucas, Terrell etc...)
Hell yeah, man!! It was just awesome getting to hang with you, as well as Paulo and a few others that night which was the best part for me as usual. It's just too bad we didn't hook up again until after the show was over. Yet of course I was with a female friend who wanted to remain inside the club for a bit just so she could meet up with Nader and finally get to talk with him in person after having corresponded with him for months through the internet and phone chats. Btw, yes this is the very female Nader tried to sleep with too, hahaha..
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