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Thanks! Well we have a few songs for the new one already we are just polishing them off and putting the icing on the cake so to speak in the practice room right now.

The lyrics and therefore songtitles are at a less advanced stage, I have plenty already as well as the album title I think, but I dont wanna divulge untill I make them more cohesive and settle on them for sure. However, I can tell you that they will be largely in the vein of "Fornication Revelation", and that my primary lyrical influences for these songs shall be Neitzche, Robert Greene, De Sade, Motley Crue, Danzig, AcDc and Motorhead. The music although, will be quite different.

We have a pretty solid idea of where we will record, but we are not making any plans just yet, we'll see what label interest arises in the next few months and how the songwriting process goes. We all have a strong conviction to make this album as cohesive brutal and interesting as we can.
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