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Originally Posted by InvoluntarySlaughter
Haha Surt. You guys got lucky against AC Milan in the Champion's League. This will piss you off mate, I like Man U.
to be honest man, I'm not one of these people that takes football rivalries as serious as like Muslims Vs Infidels etc... I've been a Liverpool fan pretty much all my life, that's not going to change so I'm just going to show all my support to them.

we'll soon see who's laughing last though after this Sunday's game at Old Trafford. Get ready for a good old-fashioned Scouse pasting :D

And btw, I'd hardly say coming back from a 3-goal defecit AND winning the game was 'luck'. Even if there was some luck, that all deserted us for the World Club Championship with the single most biased referee in the history of organised sport - three disallowed goals anyone?
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