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Re: The (new) Fail/Win Thread

Originally Posted by D.O.G.O.B.G.Y.N. View Post
How do you know if her point is valid, or if the way that she goes about presenting her point of view is acceptable/ethical if you don't watch the fucking videos? Is this such an elusive notion to grasp?
I've read about them and I've watched some of the material. Much like I haven't read any great philosophers original work but have read other peoples opinions, synopsis and critiques of their work. Strange concept, I know.

Originally Posted by RICE510 View Post
LOL. You're incredible.

Go do all this work for me, but only if it doesn't take up my time.

You made a claim and I asked for a reason for that claim. If you asked me why I think Bill Burr is an asshole I would just tell you, not give you some dudes wannabe TED-talk about it. Jeez, this is like pulling teeth.

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