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So much crazy shit has happened since I last posted here. I ended up going to the Asheville show. I went on the road with He Is Legend shortly after for a weekend of gigs. I played drums on Don't Touch That Dial at Hard Rock in Nashville, TN. It was tits. Booked a few shows for them and for Worth Weaver's band Versus Angels. Now I'm Stage Manager/LD at The National in Richmond. I also had a baby with my woman and my daughter's name is Magnolia ...go figure. She was conceived right around the time of the show in Asheville...we're pretty sure it was that night. Befriended the guys and still talk with them from time to time. Talked to Adam this morning. Can't fucking wait to hear this shit. New drummer Sam is pretty beast.

hai gaiz
fuck you.

no, you.
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I'm pretty sure the sound of Mason's fist busting that kids jaw was one-of-a-kind, just like he is.
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this nigga said catlace.
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I'm sure he's not really worried. Mason is as far from a faggot as you can get. Mason's fucked hotter.
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