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Just want to say this about Jack

I am a huge death metal and cannibal corpse fan and have been for a long time. I even had the pleasure of meeting Jack and hanging out with him at a show on the last tour with CC at the Key club in Hollywood, and i can say i have nothing but respect for him. He was the most down to earth, nicest guy and just chilled in the back of the venue with a group of about 10 fans for well over an hour and a half, and even smoked out with my roommate. Even though Adrift is not my cup of tea, theres no way Jack is doing this for money. He is passionate about his music and if he wasnt he obvisiously wouldve stayed with CC but wants to create music he feels good about. The only thing that turns me off about death metal is most of the ppl who listen to it are really idiots and are so close minded to anything besides death metal. Anyway, Good luck jack even though i know you arent going to need it and i hope you guys go really far.
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