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bobbydanger beat up john dwyer
i = tipsy right now.
i would be better off, but i have to wake up in about 8 hours for work and i don't like getting trashed by myself.
my roommate's band just left about 2 hours ago to play warped tour on a few dates in the southeast. look for kenotia if you're going to the nashville or jacksonville or atlanta warped tour. they are the shit. one of the very few pop bands with a female vocalist that i actually like.

haha i'm a little intoxicated and promoting my roommate's pop band, but whatever.

the next time i can get two days off of work in a row i'm going to pop a roll.

/intoxicated post about intoxication and other bullshit
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preechs farts > Psyopus. at least my farts make sense.
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haha you win at life
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chriz, you are the most worthless poster here. lol.

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