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Dude, in my opinion, it is the thick bald guys you have to steer clear from...they're the ones who do the most damage.

Trust me, length of hair has absolutely NOTHING to do with physical prowess. It is ironic that it's usually the little guys who pack a wallop, cuz you underestimate them. I've got some funny as shit fight stories, but you're gonna have to pry 'em outta me at an Adrift show, and only after I've pounded several dozen Newcastles. I'm SURE Michael will join me, no?

Plus, we like people to get into the shows, but enjoy it however you want to. There is no rule that says you HAVE to pit or get up to the front of the stage to have a good time. Tolerance, man, it's all about tolerance.

Except for midgets. I fucking hate midgets. (Assume Cartman voice here) Tiny sons-a-bitches PISS ME OFF!!

Okay, that was not true. I actually love midgets. Who the hell can hate a little guy or girl? I would LOVE to see a hot little midget chick come backstage, she'd get the REAL treatment...rowr!! Stripper + midget = damn fine time!! Stripper + midget + beer/liquor + steel pole + latex goodies + scrambled eggs and bacon + 40 grit sandpaper = a better time!!

Ha ha, please no letters professing offense at my mockery of "little people," as I am liberally kidding here. Cheers!
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