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Re: Hey Kristi!

Originally posted by owenadrift
Well, all we have planned right now is a local show in Tampa on the 22nd of this month, and then a label showcase at the Whiskey on the 27th (This month also...). Will let you know what's coming up as far as tours. How is your German coming along, and how is life now that you're "fixed"?:D
Hi Jack,
It's taken me days to get back to this, my computer has been brainfarting on this website and it wouldn't let me back in to reply. I ended up posting on the guestbook, so I'll just basiclly repeat myself here where it should have been in the first place.
I haven't had much progress in the German department ( if we're not counting Jeagermeister, of course...) as I seem to be lacking a full time tutor. Being "fixed" definatly is having it's advantages and the new plumbing is working out perfectly. ( thank god ! )
Man, seeing Cannibal again just won't be the same without ya now, I mean who is going to make fun of my "elitist" Vanilla Vodka and sing me metal parodies now ??? I guess Adrift will have to hurry up all the way up the west coast, huh ? ---Nat Sherman smokes and all.... ( hahaha. )
Hello to the rest of the Adrift camp as well.
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