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Eh, uh, this thread has gotten, um, quite amusing, guys....

Several things:

1. Analia is a sick guitarist as well as Jack. She and Jack are very different, but complement each other quite well. Analia's background and training is classical guitar a la Segovia, Parkening, or John Williams, she has studied same for many, many years, and is fucking awesome at it. The discipline requires precision in both fretting and picking hands (using all fingers and no pick, mind you), extreme concentration, and also, somehow, to bring life to the myriad of notes. Analia does all of that VERY well. I feel that she would make an excellent teacher, were she interested.

2. Adrift is planning to tour, and not too far off, and Europe is something we have been working on for a while. It WILL happen, but we need to make sure it is with the right promoter, and with the right bands, to ensure a kick-ass show for everyone who goes. This forum will of course get the latest as soon as we know.

3. Analia is indeed a little hottie, but alas, she is happily married and has a cute little son. However, both she and the rest of Adrift love hanging out at gigs and talking to people, fans, having a good time, relaxing, having a beer. ESP, I have no doubt that you will meet Analia in person along with godly Jack Owen the crusher!!

OK, just thought I'd respond with my $0.02. Ya'll stay active, and HOLLA!!!
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