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Originally Posted by Annoying Forum Cunt View Post
videos are awesome, I've watched them a ton already. But you're right, first one I noticed was Better Grieved it skipped the first verse and first solo then the sound quality changes a few times. Still, for fan filmed (and the fact it's ANATA) freakin killer. Plenty of my favorite songs on there.
Thanks man! Yes as you noticed not everything was filmed. We also played Built on Sand in Moscow as a bonus but nothing was filmed from that song at all. In Gothenburg not every song was filmed either. If we knew that we where going to put these clips on youtube we wouldn't have played almost the same songs at both gigs. I also filmed me from behind in both Moscow and from the Kielowatt festival earlier but since there was no sound in my monitor in any of the gigs you can't hear any bassdrums so it's kind of boring. I wish I have better luck next time


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