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Originally Posted by Black_Hand View Post
yup, no need for a photo anymore, but others might want to see it. it isnt like its going to look all that bad on your myspace.

supporting is a good band is not a problem for me. altough it usually takes some time before i consider a band good enough for supporting (otherwise i doubt that id know anata by now for example).

i wonder what it would be called if i bump with my back into someone with a vagina on his/her back....

and of course good luck with the album. im going to buy it the moment i can preorder it, since youve already entered a circle of my favourite bands that do not need a "first listen" .
Thanks man, it's nice to be a favourite band. We really appreciate it.
And well, I don't have the slightest clue of what you might call her if she had a vagina on her back But the question is still very interesting. I think I have to consult Fredrik on this one because he's an expert on these kind of issues
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