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Originally Posted by Black_Hand View Post
finally, for a while i thought that you were going for the same thing as described by the title of the first song from the infernal depths :PP. still you could have said at least something.

and since you didnt answer my request about the tshirt in "New ANATA merch availible", maybe you could do it now. id like to see some closeups or bigger photos of the real thing (including the back). that pic on relapse's shop is too small and after all its just a black tshirt overlayed by pic so no real impression of it. im still interested in buying it if it looks as good as the relapse's pic suggests. i could bundle it with my planned order of atheists vynils :).

plus dont forget to include Prague on your next tour!
Yeah I know, But that song was written for Season of Mist, ANATA's first label No I'm just kidding. Sorry for not answering but I can't remember that you've asked about the t-shirt before. I will immediately upload the artwork in order for you to see it properly, check our photos out at and you will find it
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