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I keep up with the NFL about every OTHER year, not quite sure how much of the season I will catch this year. I always start off really interested and give up towards the playoffs.

The teams I like are really odd and for odd reasons. My family has always been about Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers, so I like them.

The Texans never fail to surprise me, they have amazing games against great teams, interesting plays, but sometimes they are a complete fucking joke (against horrible teams), when they fail, they fail hard. Horrible defense the ten years this team has existed. Its okay to quit watching them when they get on their almost unavoidable loosing streak, but the Texans really can be an interesting team to follow. Rather unpredictable.

I have always had a deep resentment for the New England Patriots, This goes back far, they do the same plays, and play really conservatively in my eyes, and win hard, or at least they did for years. Always seemed like the tyrant to overthrow.
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