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Keep your fat froto look'n hairy hobit like toes as far from my nuts as possible. I love ya like a brotha but damn. And as you mention it...You rat fat hairybacked-stain in the back seat of the geo metro-Bitch scream'n want'n walk home 10 0' clock at night cause you wanna make her sit in the green stain-spooge on the toothbrush you used-late night mayo slappen pissen on the poor bitch in the back yard-holden me down while Dave kicked me-entire cup of McDonalds tartar sauce eat'n Ex-McDonalds Manager maken a bitch blow ya in the back Freezer-maken 900 calls on the poor bastard Bostons phone line-butt bangen the bitch you met FROM the 900# dating service with the crusty bunghole-watchen my red dog dick bangen suzy in the 1st place-middle of the night 15 oreos eat'n WITH the raviolli-turning me onto the phsyco sex freak baby sitter mother o fucker!! He who lives in a glass house should NOT throw stones...and yea give the garth tune a chance. I think it's on the album Fences. This will conclude this nonsense. I've had the last word on it and that's that.:D

Him and I really do love each other in a non gay way.
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