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Re: Good TV Shows?

Originally Posted by (((OdiumNostrum View Post
I guess Mindhunter is going down the True Detective path...S1 being far superior to the S2...

Its still good TV, but side plot lines went nowhere, way too much bland "after hours" relationship drama, the whole Atlanta ordeal around which S2 is centered has like zero relevance to the original S1 premise etc.
Binged it all and some of the dialogue is quite brilliant and complex, but the show really shines when they’re interviewing the killers/suspects of which there was not enough, especially in the late episodes. I was let down especially by the finale, which was very anticlimatic. Couldn’t muster up much if any investment for the subplots concerning Carr’s relationship or Tench’s marriage/kid problems. Holden’s girl in season one was way more involving. Overall still very enjoyable.

Also finished Animal Kingdom’s current season. I totally love that show now...

Last but not least: Welcome back, Spew!
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