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Re: Good TV Shows?

Originally Posted by ShadowHunter View Post
by what alien logic can Dark be a ripoff of ST, when the only thing in common is the 80ies, and in Dark the 80ies feature for maybe 25% of the show (and aesthetically, even less in S2)?

the 2 shows couldn't be more different, one being a well written time travel sci-fi show (though it does have a bit too much melodrama in S1), while the other being a low-level effort monster fantasy/horror show (arguably much more scifi than fantasy in S1, though by S3 it's 100% fantasy) whose main point is nothing but 80ies nostalgia, references and tropes with 0 originality (and if it weren't for some really good acting and relatively high production values and the "80ies mania" of the past few years, it would've been rightly forgotten and cancelled after S1)
Calling it a rip-off is probably too harsh, since Dark was already in production when ST first aired. But especially when considering the usual output from german producers (boring historical reprocessing, especially of the Nazi-era, or works set within such contexts, or mindlessly dumb "comedy" shows, baring all originality), I can't help seeing a connection between the two releases (my point beeing that a publisher would usually not be as keen to release a show like that without prior, comparable, examples of success).
I don't get how Stranger Things wouldn't be original. Even when you just look at S2 and 3, the fantasy-theme alone sets it apart from 99% of shows.
I realize that it's full of cliches, but the sum of its elements still gives a unique release.
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