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There some errors in the merchants of deceit tab!

First, its not 4/4 at the beginning but a "three 16th on a beat" feel.
So it should be a 3/8.

The second part is wrong in case of tempo and notes: It's too fast because you notated it in the same 4/4 tempo like part1. But part1 is 3 on a beat, part2 is 4 on a beat. Your part1 is actually notated 2 on a beat wich means your pace is too fast in part 2. Also you have one 16th group too much.

Riff 7 is also wrong. It should be a 12/8 then a 2/8 then a 12/8 then 2 9/8 then 3 6/8. As a follow of this, the Fis in Bar 104 and the F in Bar 105 are a 8th too short

Riff 8 and 9 are basically right, but it should be also 3 on a beat.

If you like i can tab the parts to show what I mean but I think its clear.
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