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what bands or local bands has John Hughes II produced?

how many songs will there be on the record?

what record label are you guys signed to? metal blade?

will adrift ever play in Dallas,TX?

will the band release all the songs the band recorded or will you hold back some?

will adrift always be the bands name or will it be changed later on?

does jack hate death metal in general or just hate playing cannibal corpse songs?

will the band upgrade to ps3,xbox:360 or updated version nintendo later this year?

what do the band think about concert security at shows?

can bands ask clubs not to sell alcohol at shows?

do all members of the band agree that the female member is hot?

does the band believe they have stiff competion due to new celtic frost album being recorded??

what will the adrift sound have?

will it have a hard rock sound like example: alter bridge?

or will have more of a metal sound like example: sevendust?

will jack ever grow his hair like hippie again?

pizza hut or mr jims which one do you agree with?

was twin peaks the show the best show ever telivised?

will adrift's name ever be mentioned on blabber mouth......ever?

how old is the new singer?

will these band ever tour or are guys all talk?

will adrift be first day buyers for the new cannibal corpse album?

what will the lyrical content be on the new album?

what was jacks lyrical content to his first non death metal song after leaving CC?

when will the band update their website?

I don't know that all I can think of as of right NOW but I hope the band anwers my questions!
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