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Ha ha, thanks for the inquiry. Actually, there are bazillions of screaming, slavering, scantily clad hot bimbos waiting for the new Adrift record.

Seriously, though, we have been hard at work for a while on this record without question. Numerous challenges have presented themselves, all attempting to derail the project, and all of which we have overcome, one by one, if slowly. Weather, technical, studio, death, member change, you name it, we have gone through it. Changing your singer in the middle of doing a record is a helluva roadbump to master, especially as Dean, while a killer singer in his own right, is completelty different from Mark, necessitating many rewrites.

The record will be finished as soon as all of us in Adrift, and John Hughes II, our Producer, are satisfied that the record is a cool, moody, vibing piece of music that we are all 100% satisfied with. Only then can we be assured that everyone out there will dig it.

Having high standards can be a bitch, and may work as a delay, but we have to do it this way.

Thanks for staying in touch.
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