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Adrift Wants YOUR Help!!

Okay, fans, friends, and casual stoppers-by, Adrift would like your assistance in tweaking this entity that is Adrift. What kind of advice can you give us on our direction, image, songs (including structure, riffs, quality, production, vocals, lyrics, etc.), genre, website, video, and simply anything and everything that is Adrift?

Okay, let me be honest here: I feel that we have a good thing going. Adrift writes good songs, we have a solid image, a good message, and marketability. But, I'm biased. In some way, I have blinders on, as I'm in the band. What I'm asking for is that those of you that have stopped by, or who are stopping by now, or who have heard our stuff and seen our pics and video, etc., give us some feedback, some constructive input of what you would like to see and hear us do, that might steer us further into the area of mass marketability in the music industry. We are, in case you did not know, looking to take Adrift to the national level in a short period of time. If you have not been to our website, I invite you to, at

And, before any of you cut-ups or rabid CC fans post wacky stuff, please, I don't want nor need to hear suggestions like "stop sucking," "make the blond play naked," (hmmmmm...) "play crushing brutal black grind," "have your singer cup the mic," "have Jack quit and go back to Cannibal," "wear lobster costumes on stage" or any other such nonsense. I am asking for serious replies to a serious inquiry.

Thanks in advance for helping to make us better!
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