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Originally Posted by Rigel
No problems man. So far its been really good. We have this tour hooked up, We have interviews appearing in Metal Maniacs, Pit and a couple others already organised. I believe some decent advertisements have also been placed in these zines and others. We should also have some more international tours beyond Australia and NZ coming up all going to plan.

Obviously its not a massive label, but John has alot of experience and does know how to effectively use the resources at his disposal I believe. Although we have invested quite a bit of our own time and money so far, for a band at our level on a label on this size Its quite rare to get the tour hookups and some of the promo we have got so far, many of the more reputable small to mid level labels certainly wont provide this stuff. Seing as the roster is still small I would certainly reccomend it to younger bands.

That being said the situation in Europe aint as good, however John was quite open and even encourages us to get a euro deal hooked up, we were actually very very close to getting a very good one, but for some unfortunate buisness reasons it didnt work out.
Awesome man...I'm glad to hear that for the greater part, things seem to be going your way...(Not to mention playing for Incantation...) Hope the Euro side of things works out for you guys too...It seems like you're getting some awesome response from the U.S though, which is what you want...

So you would suggest sending off a pack to John? So far we've had some pretty good coverage considering we aren't signed...Reviews in Metal Hammer, Terrorizer...etc...

Do you have any contact details you can provide me with? Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers mate...

- James.

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