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OK, everyone, let's take a big chill pill, please.

Let me speak for a moment.

First of all, this forum is about being open and honest. Sure, we get our share of Adrift haters and detractors, and those that have nothing better to do than bash us - which is cool. We are stronger for it, and I will be the LAST person to censor ANY of you or your opinions - just let's please be not only civil, but respectful as well. This is a "FORUM," which is defined as "a public meeting place for open discussion." Open discussion is welcome here.

That means that every now and again, people will disagree. No problem, this is natural, and actually desirable. After all, if we all thought alike, what kind of horrid place would the world be? Plus, we in Adrift are open and honest, first with ourselves and each other, but next with our friends and fans. We WANT you to be honest with us. What do you like about us? What DON'T you like about us? What aspects of the music work for you, what do you feel, etc.? We expect honesty, but flip the coin, and we will GIVE honesty as well.

And sometimes, honesty means saying what may be an unpalatable or uncomfortable thing, or expressing an opinion that may arouse ire or displeasure. Remember, it is nearly inpossible to glean a "tone" from an email or a posting...the words are dry and cannot be conveyed with the usual amount of candor or sincerity that we are typically able to in person.

We want you to put and post links to your music. But, keep in mind, as you are asking us to do this, we may not care for it, either for songwriting aspects, production quality, or otherwise. We are not denigrating you, or your music, but again, with honesty often comes bluntness, and with music, passion and emotion are involved, so that discussions, if not altogether positive, may devolve into pettiness and name-calling. NEITHER of which I want for this site. We are not attempting to be hurtful with our assessments of your craft, but hope that our comments may motivate you to better hone and work on your songs, making you happier and potentially more successful with your music endeavors.

Just some words of wisdom from one who knows much about saying evil things and pissing people off...don't forget, I'm an attorney, and my job sometimes is exactly that (which I abhor, believe me, though it is at times a necessity). But, I will not, have not, and never will, treat you that come to our Adrift site, with evil-ness (is that a word?) or purposely intend to piss any of you off.

Forum: a public meeting place for open discussion.

Let's all (and that includes Adrift members) remember that.

PS: Is it possible for me to post anything NOT half a page long? I think not.
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