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Re: Beer Thread

I discovered Dirigo Brewing when I was up in Maine for vacation the other week. It's lagers only, I got their IPL, Helles lager, and a lager brewed with lemongrass, ginger and hibiscus. They're all really good, hopefully their distribution gets better.

Overall the beer situation is a lot worse now that I've moved back to MA from CA. The NE IPA thing is good for a novelty but I just think West Coast IPA is far superior. Also I miss being able to get lots of very strong options in 6 packs at the grocery store for 8-12 bucks. Around here so many breweries have moved to fucking dumbass 4-pks of tallboys and they always cost around $15-$16 bucks at the liquor store. Most of the grocery stores still don't carry alcohol because of the blue laws.
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