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Is it me or has the message board like...died. Did the after math of Charlie take it's toll in such a way that no one has time for the great Adrift message board? Low and behold people contribute. Don't be so selfish as to spend time boarding up your homes and families from the 2nd omnious hurricane known as Frances.

Now really, let's talk about this. How in the hell can anyone be scared of something called "Frances." When I hear the name Frances I picture a 12 yr old plump english chap wearing the Angus Young school boy outfit with freckles and the infomous "Al Falfa" hair do. (did I spell that right? You know the kid from The Little Rascals) Of course that IS the kid that probably grows up and turns into another John Wayne Gasey because the children taunt and tease him to the near breaking point of insanity. He probably even got held down and kicked by rival band members and was tormented by fellow brothern.

Anyhow. What does all this have to do with Adrift? Um nothing. I'm just contributing.
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