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Originally Posted by xtremevillan View Post
Hey, and thanks. I don't know if it was you that made the Lust... tab, but if you look in the Arsis forum, I made a little text tab of my own--not as good as yours might be, certainly not as complete, but give it aloook!
Which part of that song is that? I look at the tab but didn't really recognise it...probably 'cause I don't the song that well.

Originally Posted by carpekd View Post
I want the rest of The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
Not a good first post, dude. You could have at least worded your post so it didn't sound like some kind of demand. I hate it when people act like they don't understand the hard work and dedication that goes into transcribing full songs, all instruments.

Originally Posted by RobertsTheCoolest View Post
gahhh can i get "oh, the humanity" in tabit version, i don't have guitar pro :/
There's 5 different guitar tracks...unless you want 5 .txt files.
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