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Cheers guys!! Good to see some responses here and I'm glad you're all (hopefully) all enjoying the stuff.

Originally Posted by Pwnsauce View Post
Awesome dude. Pleeassee do The Cold Resistance!!
I've started it.

Arsis - The Cold Resistance

I add to it everynight so we'll see how far I get but I can't guarantee anything.

Just a few notes about the tab:

I would imagine that James is playing those pinched notes but the MIDI makes them sound a bit different but obviously I can't be sure without a video. Sounds like it to me though.

For Gtr II, you might wanna play around with the 1st bar a little bit because again, I'm not sure on the positioning but I left it like that. Knowing James, he might have even tapped that high A note instead of sliding up to 10th position and fretting it but it's up to you on how you want to play it.


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