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'Sup, Mitch here.

I've just completed a full-band GP4 tab of the 1st track from Arsis' new album, United in Regret.

TAB (Right click & choose "Save Target As...").


A Diamond For Disease - 01 - A Diamond For Disease

A Celebration Of Guilt - 01 - The Face of My Innocence I
A Celebration Of Guilt - 01 - The Face of My Innocence II
A Celebration Of Guilt - 02 - Maddening Disdain
A Celebration Of Guilt - 04 - Return
A Celebration Of Guilt - 09 - Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters

United In Regret - 01 - Oh, The Humanity
United In Regret - 05 - Lust Before The Maggots Conquest
United In Regret - 07 - The Cold Resistance

We Are The Nightmare - 01 - We Are The Nightmare
We Are The Nightmare - 06 - Overthrown

I'll update this thread if I update any of the tabs and I hope that anyone that downloads the tab(s) and/or backing track will enjoy.

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