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Did you want an opinion on this MP3? I'm not sure what you're looking for.

The drum sound was pretty tight (what little I listened to).
I would work on the lyrics. Ranting things like "chaos" and "confusion" and grumbling verses like "new world order" is so passe and outdated that I'm not sure if it conveys anything. The only way to make really angry music hit anywhere deeper than the eardrum is to drop it down and give it some dynamics.

Just constructive criticism, guys. Drop down with some 12-string acoustic and some violoncello or maybe a tribal percussion thing with some choir voices and make me feel it. Then return to that staccato Ab 'ja-ja-jant, ja-ja-jant' thing. You have to punch your audience in the chest and the mind.

Good idea with the melodic vocals intermingling with 'cookie monster' growling thing. It's got to have some feeling, yo.

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