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Originally Posted by Holy_Reality View Post
mike, thanks so much! i am really new to all of this and admittedly it's all a bit overwhelming. i have been scouring the internet for this kind of information with very little luck, so i appreciate the time you took to put into that post. I think i'm going to try out the ART SLA2 at first. it's a complete 180 from what i was originally thinking but it's significantly cheaper and if it doesnt pan out, i'll just go for the 2/90/2 (or maybe even the 840/50?). either way, i definitely dont need the power of two 100 watt amps on stage with me, hah. thanks again!
No problem! One thing I forgot to mention is solid state output wattage is much different compared to tube power output in wattage. The Art SLA2 is 200 watts per side at 8 ohms. This would be enough power for a cabinet that is mic'd and running through a PA. But in a band situation where you need to crank it up, it probably wouldn't be powerful enough. When a solid state poweramp reaches it's maximum output, it clips. You will most likely see a red light come on, and depending on how far it's being pushed past that point, you will hear an audible distortion or crackling that does not sound good. Tube poweramps on the other hand typically sound better when being pushed to this point. They don't clip in the same way solid state poweramps do. The audible distortion added from saturating the power tubes when pushing them harder is often a desired sound. So basically, I would go with something that has at least 100 watts tube power, or a solid state amp that has at least 300 watts per side at 8 ohms (assuming you have cabinets that are 8 ohms mono). Chances are, either a 100 watt tube amp, or 500 watt solid state amp will work fine, but it's best to have room to spare.
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