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Überhomosexual is as good a word as nanofuck.

What Kevin said. I just don't want to push it.

sIN: You do not fringe on the homosexual when suggesting rap. I have possessed a fairly extensive collection of hip-hop from Grandmaster Flash to Whodini down to modern day dogs like Snoop n' M, fo' reaaal, biz-sizzle-snatch. Yo, yo, yo, Mary J's gotta cool groove and Missy E's pretty phat, too. The greatest strength of English, for you Ebonics haters, and the reason it is spoken in every country around the world that is not indigenous, is its "shapely ambiguity" or its ability to absorb and assimilate every culture...

Kevin is very fond of the song "The Stroke" because it is metaphorically stabbing at masturbation. It was also the first song I played on stage, albeit I was lipsynching with a guitar because it was third grade. I am doin' my best to make a metaphysical connection here...

We should have jumped on "Simple Man" when it was fresh before Shinedown did it. But maybe we thought of it at the same time...maybe there is a universal consciousness...?

This is where the wine has taken me...

A rap tune would be cool.

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