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Originally Posted by tamponsqueezer
Sounds like buisness as usual. I guess if you're a Cannibal fan you will get the new record. I got the first 3 records (their best stuff!) plus "Vile" (the first with George) and "Bloodthirst". And these two new tracks proof me right. Not bad but nothing new either. I won't buy "Kill"!
Yeah, I won't be getting Kill either. And if I go somewhere and hear someone playing it I might bitch about it - hehehe. No, I actually like their older stuff. I thought The Bleeding was the their high point, and they've gone down hill from there. But of course financially they're probably doing better than ever. I think their tours now days are bigger now than when they were actually good. And I wish George would have stayed in Monstrosity. I remember seeing a video interview one time way back during Monstrosity's first CD, and George and the guitarist were actually ripping on Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, acting like they were silly and Monstrosity was the shit. Then the first chance George gets, he joins Cannibal Corpse. Two faced bastard!
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