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no offence, but durring the rehersal for Reality(on the DVD)did you have some troubles with your voice?

Cos, and again no offence, it sounded like your first attempts at(of what we see on the DVD)deform.....



Do you have normal undercuts(all long hair, cept the shaven parts)or is it like Lukes?

2nd Time(i could do two of these)Are you related to the guy who designed the poly"goned" dragon?....what do you think of mine & coppers stuff(that stuff ain't as good as what we've done recently....more than 40 miles apart!!!!)

On your tour with Labrat, did Farrel(Jamie)keep calling you the Crocodile Hunter?....or is this just a rumour i've heard to make Farrel seem more "hard"?

*not drunk* - *stepping up to up whilst shrooming*
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