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Originally Posted by Tomes of Deceit View Post
Should use the big beer thread that already exists.

I tried the Abyss this winter, and I thought it was amazing for the first glass or so, but there's no way I could drink the whole bottle. It was just too much. Would be good if I had someone to split it with.

Bourbon county was a little over the top for me as well the one time I had it. Not in the sense that I found it undrinkable, I just didn't see the appeal of going that thick and dark.

Love Old Rasputin (and pretty much everything I've tried from North Coast).

Need to try that Green Flash IPA. I see it all the time but it never caught my eye.
Originally Posted by Tomes of Deceit View Post
Well, people tend to talk about all the most complex styles in threads like these, but I would actually like some recommendations for easy to find/affordable examples of common styles.

For example, I'm not too knowledgeable about wheat beers, but I recently tried North Coast's blue star wheat and I enjoyed that. Or North Coast Mirror Pond pale ale/ red chair NWPA. I see a lot of wheat beers and pale ales at places like Bevmo and I'm not usually inclined to try them - only tried those ones because I like those breweries. Any common beers in the more standard styles that are really good examples of the style?

Mirror Pond/Red Chair are from Deschuttes.

Drake's (local from San Leandro) IPA is wonderful as well. It's insanely bright.
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