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Originally Posted by flayedandskinned View Post
Definitely age the Abyss.

Dude Chimay is the worse Trappist monastery. Get a hold of Westvleteran 12 and The La Trappe Quad, those are the best ones, IMO. Westvleteran is super hard to get and pricey when you do, but yeah, it is sooooo worth it. Its widely regarded as the best beer in the world. Anyways here's a pic of the La Trappe quad I had the other day:

Look at that head. And that wasn't a result of a shitty pour, it is naturally that billowy. Amazing head retention and lacing as well. so amazingly complex; I'm not even going to bother describing the flavor profile on this beer, as I would be typing all night. get this beer ASAP.(quads age amazingly well up to 5 years.)

Here's a pic of the North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (probably my favorite stout)

Insanely complex, citrusy hops quickly fade into fruity blackberries which leads into a robust roasted malt finish which sustains for a long time. Best stout money can buy, in my opinion.

Green Flash west coast IPA:

god damn, I love this fucking beer! Definitely the closet thing to Pliny the Elder since, well Pliny the Elder. Great alternative.
I've had the Old Rasputin before, definitely worth checking out if any of you haven't tried it. it's fairly easy to find too, at least around here in my area...

They have West Coast IPA on tap at one of the bars I frequent, that's all me and my friends drink there haha

I found some Rochefort and La Trappe the day I bought the Chimay, so I know where I can find it, woot! Westvleteren, as I've heard, is only released by the brewery but my buddy said he's seen it from time to time. Need to try some more North Coast brews as well.
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