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I bought Inglorious Basterds on DVD the other day. That movie is definitely on the level of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction as far as actually being an exceptional Tarentino movie in my opinion. I liked the Kill Bills and the Grindhouse movies because they were very entertaining, but he has not made a movie that has this great of dialogue, story, and directing in a long time. There are a handful of scenes with a great deal of intelligent writing, and a lot more emotions rise to the surface of the viewer than "man that was badass", which pretty much reigned supreme in the newer Tarentino films (although it wasnt underrepresented in the movie by any means). I can't remember a flat character in a movie who has been so compelling as Brad Pitts character because everything around him changes and he is left with a charming sense of stubbornness that pretty much makes the ending somewhat unexpected and leaves the viewer with a sense of badassery to muse at as the credits roll. Every scene in this movie either made me laugh, think about badassery, or just marvel at the writing and execution and pretty much every scene in the movie is purposeful to the movie in its entirety. There were plenty of Tarentino-isms but they weren't always as obvious as they are in the Kill Bill and Grindhouse movies. It was as fun to watch as the first time I watched it.

And I laughed really fucking hard when Brad Pitt spoke Italian in a southern accent.

Also, I just watched 28 days later, and although that isnt quite on the same level, its still a solid movie.

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