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It seems like playing a fretted bass for a jazz band would be the easiest thing to do in a jazz band.

Listened to Take Five last night to go to sleep, and the entire album is awesome. Blue Rondo is awesome. The layering of the frantic intro with the really loungy, relaxing jazz in the middle is so awesome.

I don't know if you guys caught it, but there was some awards ceremony in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago that I watched with the woman and her family and they were honoring Mel Brooks, Robert Deniro, Dave Brubeck, and a couple others. And they played Take Five during the Dave Brubeck part and his kids came out and played the brass parts and Dave was really moved by it. I'm sure its on the tubes somewhere.

Also, Mel Brooks and Robert DeNiro fucking rule so it was actually a pretty cool awards ceremony.
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