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Originally Posted by Evansduality View Post
Oh, don't worry, there's at least 1 song that is pretty mind-boggling... and i have another if i can finish it in time. A couple of songs are going to be by default 'eventuality mk2' because i decided not to try and include them on eventuality as we had enough material ready at the time but they have since developed alot more. We were looking to inject some more deathy faster type sounding stuff but it kinda hasnt come out that way so far! It probably wont be as heavy song-wise but i think production-wise it will be. There's actually some more laid-back rock influenced things going on in some of the songs, but when you break it down its still very much alarum, some of the more 'technical' ideas might be in 4/4 time whereas theres straightforward sounding stuff thats actually in odd times.. all in all though the songwriting itself is alot stronger (much more harmonic depth) and the vocals will fit in alot better on this one. ..
That sounds about right. You guys have an identity, and some great song writting.. I hope you don't neglect that for more death sound or wank. Have very high expectations.. you guys rule.
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