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The New Album

Well, we've been busy writing and demoing for alarum album #3. There's alot happening musically and I would have to say it will be our broadest album yet. There seems to be a few distinct flavors emerging. Everyone's pleased with how the material is progressing... But something's been nagging me lately. I want to get an idea about what you would like to hear in this new album... (not that we will ever do anything apart from what the 4 of us want)
More 'technical' playing?
More 'jazzy/modal' stuff?
More 'groove & nice syncopated' ideas?
More 'straight ahead metal' ?
More 'catchiness' ?
More 'old skool thrash' ?
More 'straight death metal' ?
etc etc...

and what would you like NOT to hear on it? of course, there is good and bad in all possible styles, but as a general gist... it would be cool just to see where everyone is coming from in their appreciation of what we are doing..
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