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Originally Posted by guardsatonramps
actually I got a job and bought all the shit myself faggot, just because im from az doesnt mean im rich, I didnt know there was a generalization that people from arizona were rich and scene because im neither of the two. I posted in hopes someone with some knowledge of tone could help me out, not for some faggot to tr to rag on my ass.

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Calm down, silly n00b.

The band that you have linked in your profile IS absolutely terrible and you have a shit attitude, but I'll give advice anyways,

I'd go with the RGA. More body mass = richer tone. I like the pickup config more than the S, and the RGA is neck thru so if you're doing solo guitar, it's helluva more comfortable. Also, neck thru helps with sustain.

Go with the Engl Invader if you have the money. The Bogner has a very wide-open, ballsy tone but isn't a very tight amp from what i hear, so doesn't suit well for tight riffing. I owned an Engl Powerball a while back and they make great amps for the style...Absolutely zero tube lag, low end is tighter than your asshole, and the Invader is EL34 powered (which I prefer) so I'm guessing it sounds absolutely amazing.

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