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A sweet, I forgot all about e-bay.

Yeah, their is like maybe two guitars out of hte 3 music stores in wilmington that I like, but I don't like them enough to buy them.

Any good amp recomendations? I get pretty good out of my Fender 212 combo, so maybe hte fender 412 head and cab would be better? I'm just wondering if it will be exactly the same, just louder then the combo I already have(dunno about how everyone here feels about Fender though). How about the lower crate models?

I'm basically looking for a mid-range guitar with set-neck and really nice pick-ups(emg's or duncan or something of that sort) I don't really have a preference on what kind of bridge, although a floyd rose would be a nice change for me.

Thanks with everything you have already helped me with.

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Oh my, how wonderful are the Tables of Turned!
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