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Originally Posted by Tomes of Deceit View Post
I've never tried anything from Stone that I've really loved. Don't quite get the hype. None of it is bad but not worth the price for me.
stone got recognized early as a craft powerhouse and i think it hurt them in the long run. they dictated american craft drinkers' tastes for several years and basically inaugurated the trend towards really malty, overhopped, high-alcohol brews. in response, other breweries went one of two directions: brews that were more subtle, interesting, and complex, or beers that were even more extreme in their hop, malt, and alcohol content. both of those developments made stone look bad. all their recent brews are trying to go the subtle and unusual route, but it's falling flat. i still think their ruination IPA and classic IPA are two of the best west coast IPAs, and there's nothing to hate about their russian imperial stout, though i've noticed a decline in the quality of their old guardian barleywine over the years. btw, i'm no sucker for historical context when it comes to beer a brewery is only as good as their latest batch.
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