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Last distro news:

ANGUISH (Malaysia) Abstract decomposition MCD/ Pro CDr. Raw underground death

CRUCIFIRE (Australia) NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Split tape. Death black/ Black death

DESTROYER ATTACK (Ecuador) Diabolical ectoplasm Demo tape. Death thrash/ Death black

DICTATOR (Chile) Destined to suffer Demo tape. Old school thrash

ENTRAILS (Swe) Reborn Demo tape. Old styled swedish death.

EVIL DOMAIN (Bra) Morbid greed Demo CDr. Old school death/ Satanic brutal death

FLAGELO (Bra) Necrofilia Demo CDr. Cardboard sleeve. Death thrash/ Thrash death

INCINERATOR (Hol) Human garbage Demo tape. Old school death, influenced by old Pestilence.

KILL WITH HATE (Hungary) Evolution of the beast Demo tape. Old brutal death

REGGRETY (Bra) Master of asylum MCD/ Pro CDr. Death metal/ Death thrash.

THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING (Usa) Tenements of ephemera Demo tape. Death metal

xDELOREANx (Usa) xHILLxVALLEYxPOWERVIOLENCEx Demo tape. Fastcore/ Powerviolence

Fanzine: BURNING SALTS (Usa) #2: Amon, Napalm christ, Ringworm, Altars, Dodsferd, Chapel, Cripple bastards, Twilight, Down among the dead men, Godhunter, Gravecode nebula, Savage death, Slaughterhouse recs, Shitfucker, Cop problem... + reviews. 56 pages. A4. In english. 2014.

Fanzine: BURNING SALTS (Usa) #4: Sigh, Unleashed, Dwell, Cemetery fog, Regurgitated, Gash, Chaos echoes, Black queen, Patrick Kendall, Broken cross, Jesters of destiny, Shape of despair... + reviews. 46 pages. A4. In english. 2015.
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