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My take...

babyintrashcompactor you're right. Adrift isn't special in any way shape or way or form musically, however the fact that you have to post the shit about having cancer rather than listening to the band is fucked up. When you get cancer you'll know why. I don't listen to Adrift but what you said is simply fucking ridicious.

MetalNorm, this is Adrift forum which means if people have a negative expression with the band they should be able to post it but in a constructive way.

Pretty much anything rock/metal related on the radio is generic but its quite different with other genres which are alot more "listener" friendly then any kind of metal. Other musical forms which require talent(classical, jazz etc...) that are on the radio are NOT generic, Mozart and BB King should royally stomp you for saying that shit.

This is a metal forum with metal fans, which means the majority of people on SMNNEWS only care about METAL and things related to metal. Adrift is not metal. Whether thats good or bad the FANS decide but Michael don't waste anymore time responding to people like him, if you enjoy doing what you do fuck everyone else. Besides, since you guys aren't Nu Metal, Pop or Rap you're bound to turn some metal fans ears.

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