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Originally posted by AstlAdrift


Just got the new issue of Revolver, in which they review the new Nonpoint record. They gave it a good review, but more importantly and problematically, Nonpoint includes a "surprisingly faithful cover of Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight' that has all the dread-inspiring creepiness of the original." [Revolver Sept. 2004]

SHIT!! That song (even though we have not been working with it) had my vote for highest "cool" factor.

Oh, well, keep the suggestions coming!! The record is only four weeks away!!
Wait, 1st off - you actually read? - What nonsense. 2nd - Nonpoint...I'll keep tight lipped about them - They're a fellow FL band aren't they? 3rd - Your posts are definitely not for the epileptic nor the colorblind. I'm beginning to wonder about you Kevin...all this talk about 'gay' this and 'gay' that, yet here you are typing in PINK and LIME GREEN.
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