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Okay, for you readers out there, this has assumed epic wacky and distasteful proportions, so please read no further if imagery of rimming, sodomy, and other graphic endeavors offend you!

Teegarden, Taster of Paul,

Bro, you've not NEAR had the last word ("I ain't through with you by a damn sight"), and I would say that you should not shoot a fucking tank in a glass mansion, turdlet, so here goes....

It's humorous to me that most of what you throw at me is about me fucking various chicks, which is obviously good for me, rather than you, who was anally penetrated by your butch ex-girlfriend. How else can you explain the stained and smelly STRAP-ON she kept? You have a dick (albeit a shrivelled, comically tiny choad), so a strap-on is superfluous, especially in light of the fact that this particular strap-on did NOT have a hole in the back for insertion of your member, which means you could NOT have put it on. So you took it in the shitter, I was in your "experimental" days...I'm not judging, dude, really I'm not...

Do I need to bring up the pudding, and the spoon, and the gay porn? You'd better hope not.

So I made a chick walk home after sleeping with her. She was an insensitive, mean-spirited, and harassing little bimbo who deserved to be put in her place. And I *DID* get little hotties (all of legal age, mind you) to blow me when I was a manager for McD's, don't tell me you would not have. Come on, hot chicks in polyester uniforms, with NAMETAGS, horking on the old Grimace, and enjoying the special sauce? It's a veritable dream of adolescent flesh!!

Can't we just get along? Your posts here have been so helpful and fun. Ha, you know I'm just breaking balls, beeyotch.

Anyone reading this must think that we are like a stupid married couple. But, oddly, only one of us, YOU, has eaten of the man-flesh that shall not be named, and accepted Peter into Paul, if you catch my drift...or my A-drift!


In other news, I will check out the GB song! See ya!

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