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T, you're one of my best friends, but I will...kick the...nuts!!

Ha! Nah, I've never heard the Garth song, but his <shudder>. That's just fucking creepy. Maybe I'll check it out.

You, on the other hand, my follow-the-yellow-brick-road munchkin-like-dwarf sings-in-the-Nu-Metal-band-Runt red-dog-dicked my-runny-shit-smelling-in-your-nostrils-from-the-sauced-microphone Suzi-Morbid-strapped-it-on-and-did-you-in-the-ass throw-you-in-and-lock-you-into-the-ice-machine I-was-raised-by-really-REALLY-old-people blarg-blarg-sampled-the-illicit-manfruit-with-Sean-and-Paul tiny little buddy, YOU need to check out this function called "Spell Checker", prior to posting. I counted 79 misspellings in your last post, and there were only 54 words!! Jesus Motherless Fucking Suckass Christ! You supplant retards as the most moronic of the morons!

HAHAHA! Is that the assualt you were expecting?

I apologize in advance to all the Adrifters having to read this nonsense.
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