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oh by the way...

Oh If you've ever heard the song, which I'm assuming you haven't , it does rock. Garth Brooks is a Multi Multi Multi Platinum recording artist by the way so I'm sure a few people have heard it. People would be blown away by your rendition. I wouldn't have suggested it If I didn't think you guys could pull it off with finese and in your own way. Rock, Metal and New Country would dig it. Hell if Kid Rock can pull it off. I am hurt, broke down and about to cry in my extra scoop of gayness now. Blar Blarg Bottom Boy out.

P.S. If it was up to me I'd cover something off of Testaments the Legacy. I.E. "Over the Wall." Fuck everybody.

P.P.S. Obscure? Talk about those two Devo songs. Only song any one knows of is "whip it." Which is what I'd rather do than listen to a Devo cover. haha.

P.P.P.S. Ok Kevin I'm ready for the Verbal Assault you're about to lay down, But you're still my obeise late night raviolli eaten Bon bon munchen microphone marinator that I know and Love.
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