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In case all you bee-itches don't know, I'll tell ya:

Tony Teegarden (see post above) used to be in Epitaph (Tampa, FL based tech-death-core that Borivoj Krgin from Metal Maniacs once described as "the best unsigned death metal act in Florida") with me, I also played drums in Epitaph.

He also is the guy who did ALL of the death metal vocals on the now classic Cynic "Focus" album, back in the day on Roadrunner Records.

Okay, T, to address your points:

A. Gay, and too obscure, they really never had a hit worthy of redoing, even though there are several albums of theirs I love. Did I mention that you are GAY?

B. The validity of doing or not doing an AIC cover is not, in my opinion, to be judged by how long it has been since a member has died. It is simply that AIC is classic, even though only out for roughly 15 years. We decided against it b/c we could not see adding any dimension to the song that would warrant doing it; i.e.; how can you improve on "Dirt"? Short answer, you can't. Long answer, yooooooooouuuuuuuu caaaaannnnnnnnoootttt.

C. Seal, hmmmm, I never really got into him, but I know he's a really popular artist, and that song was huge.

D. Dude, you are the gayest of the gay, and then even gayer than that, with an extra scoop of gay on top (oh, that's right, you're a "bottom", I forgot! :D). Garth MuthaFukkin Brooks? Could be cool and unexpected. But gay, oh, so gay.

I am still holding out for an older Devo song, perhaps "Uncontrollable Urge" or "Freedom of Choice."
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